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Today I had a Chat with Martin Luther King

I am sure, you would have been baffled while you read the title of this post. This is not a lie.I actually had a one-on-one chat with this Great Personality but it was all in mind. I have read a lot about visualization and its benefits, so thought of giving it a try few days back and after regular practice I have started understanding the art of visualization. So, let me share, how I met this great personality first time in my life.

I visualized sitting in a meeting room with a round table. After sometime, I noticed Oprah Winfrey entering into the room, and then followed, one of the greatest personalities of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein. Soon the room was full with many great personalities such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Martin Luther King. I noticed that when Sir Martin entered in the room, everyone stood up from their seats to show their respect for him. Without wasting time, I asked Martin Luther King, Sir, How do you think can I have happiness in my life. Listening to this question, all the guests present in the room started laughing. I, at that point was feeling ashamed of myself but Sir Martin realizing I was feeling bad stopped laughing and said ” Son, You are having a wrong notion about Happiness.Actually, Happiness is not a thing to be possessed or an activity to be performed. It’s just a state of mind. It’s your choice to be happy or not. No one in this world has the might to snatch away your happiness or stop you from being happy. All this while, as I was hearing his words, I was getting a feeling that this is the true meaning of happiness. It’s our choice to be happy. ….

Ok. So let’s move on. I am a great fan of Steve Jobs. I threw second question towards Steve. I asked him, What is your secret of earning money, loads of money? What is one special thing you do to train your mind to earn money? He didn’t reply. All he said was that I don’t share my secrets. Listening to this Bill Gates, who was sitting by his side laughed Shrewdly. I didn’t want an argument, so simply avoided his laughter. My last question was to Warren Buffet. I asked him, why am I am not able to earn money? He shot back by saying, “Because you keep wondering “Why am I am not able to earn money”. I got his logic, here, he was trying to present the idea of Law of Attraction. I asked, so what to do in order to make money. Yet again, he replied precisely, ” Stop running behind money and make it run behind you. Just choose a thing you like and direct all your energy towards it. Stick to it, until you master the art. Then Money will be your slave.”

My meeting with these great personalities ended by this answer. They wanted to leave. I was feeling blessed and when I opened my eyes, 30 minutes had already passed and my head seemed heavier.

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The 50-25-25 Rule

Day in-Day-Out I happen to come across people who are mad about success. Accomplishing certain goals is one of the most important aspects of their lives. Their entire life energy is directed towards accomplishing these goals. Some people are so mad about success that they even day-dream about making-big in their life. They visualize and try to live in the future, which is yet to be seen. It’s ironical to see such people go insane about success because the goal or success or the so-called destination is in-fact an insignificant place to be, and the “present” they are missing during their quest for success is invaluable.

Those who tend to hate their present because they want a better future are never able to understand the true value of their success or achievement. Because when they finally reach at the destination, everything seems meaningless. The sense of satisfaction gives them a miss, and the only thing that embraces them is a sense of relief that finally the journey was over, because for them the journey was a painful experience. For the people, who live in a belief that success or the achievement of a particular goal is everything in their life; have to pay for it badly. Because when they finally attain their goals or reach their desired destination, there is sense of void or emptiness. They are not able to understand and decide an important and pertinent question, what’s next.

I live in India, and since I happened to be born in a middle class family, I am accustomed to traveling in trains. Normally it takes couple of days for us to reach our native place. Since we go there after 3-4 years, so there are lots of expectations, the happiness is extreme. However, over the years I have realized that if our train journey goes bad, then while we reach our native place, next few days are spent cribbing out bad facilities, bad services and what not. This is all because “we didn’t enjoy our train journey well, which was in fact our present”.

There is minimal happiness at the top, if you haven’t learnt to enjoy the journey or your efforts and hard work for success. The moments, good or bad, you spend while on your quest to achieve success or your goal are the ones which would be relished by you, years later, when everything else will be forgotten. If you spend your time cribbing about the journey, then many years later, you will spend your days only cursing yourself about spending your days for the task, even if you would had achieved the goal.

If you have even driven a car, then you would have noticed that handling the steering properly holds great importance for driving the car properly. Let’s present an analogy here. The car being our life, where the steering and the equipments to drive the car safely are together the “Present”, the vehicles behind us is our past, and lastly the vehicles front of us is our future. Here in order to reach to a given destination, the most important aspect is different things in the car, which helps to handle it and move ahead. These things require major attention, so you get my point, when I say valuing present is important. This is one of the reasons I request everyone to give 50 % of their overall concentration to the present. Secondly, the vehicles behind us symbolize our past and it is a well-known fact that those who don’t learn from their past haven’t learnt anything in their entire lifetime. Our past needs 25 % of our overall concentration. Lastly, the vehicles ahead of our car and the road are our future. We have to keep a look at them because by neglecting these things we are also reducing our chances to reach to our destination. Therefore, our future needs to also get 25 % of our over concentration. This is the best method of living life, and the same time enjoying to the fullest potential. It’s like squeezing the mango such that we are able to enjoy its taste completely. So, when are you planning to start following 50-25-25 formula?

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Start Visualizing and Change your Life


Visualization is an art, which each one of us needs to try out in our day-to-day life. I am certain that it can unearthen our hidden self. The best part of visualization is that we can keep visualizing as far as our creativity goes.

I am a strong believer that by proper use of visualization we can enter in the past or future, in different situations, and alter our state of mind. The mindset of an individual can bring about changes in his attitude and behaviour, so visualization definitely can play vital role to carve our personality and thought process. For instance, you want to go in a depressed state, in that case you can simply start visualizing some of the worst moments of your life and assume being present there at the moment. If you are able to successfully take your mind there and feel that moment, then you would notice a change in your mood, after sometime you would start becoming sad and as you keep visualizing, you would enter in a state of depression. { PS. I don’t want you to start practicing for entering into a state of Depression, this is just an example :P}. The same goes other way round. For instance, you are depressed, the best way to get out of it, is to start visualizing one of the best moments of your life, maybe start thinking when you were eternally happy. Try entering in that moment, try being present there and you will start feeling better. The deeper you go, the longer and sustained benefit you would be able to avail.

Bloggers, entrepreneurs and writers are people having many many dreams in their grey matter. They can use visualization to fulfill those dreams. And why only these people, any lay man can use this art for accomplishing their goals. You want something, Start visualizing about it. You would get thousands of ideas to accomplish or attain it. You would have read about this, so my post is a gentle reminder that it is possible to fulfill your dreams through this art. And for God sake don’t think you can’t do it or it’s boring or it’s not my cup of tea. There was a time when walking wasn’t your cup of tea and your mom or dad used to hold iyour n their arms to take you one place to another. If at that point of time, you said to yourself, ” hey walking is so boring and I can’t do it, then just wonder today you would be using wheel chairs. So, my dear friends, when you are aware about something, make use of the knowledge to the fullest because there are many millions of people across the world who are ignorant and spend endless hours, craving to accomplish their dreams but all goes in vain. Through visualization you can enter into that moment when you would have fulfilled your goal or dream. Feel the happiness, feel the moment and then finally enjoy the journey towards the attainment of your goal.

Take this as a joke or take it seriously; please will be all mine.

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Never let the hope die

ImageWe all feel low at one point or the other, there’s no hidden fact in this. Some of us feel low because of family problems or relationsips while others have sleepless nights due to financial problems. However, as a chess player myself, after years of practice, I have realized that there is no problem in this world, which can’t be solved. Believe me, if you are struck in some problem, it can be any damn problem, you would get out of it because there’s has to be a solution. That’s the Law says. All you need to have is ” Hope”. You need to have faith in almighty that justice is always done, sometimes early, sometimes late but it’s done. Hope is free, no damn person in this world can take it away from you. Have it in abundance always because it is the hope, which led our ancestors to strive hard for our freedom. It is this hope, due to which man reached to moon and it is this hope we live on Earth. Hope is everything my friends. Whenever you are low, just keep saying yourself, “No matter what, I am destined to carve out a way to get rid of this problem”. Hope is the driving factor in our life. Never let it go away from you.

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Tackle One Negative with Ten Positives

Staying Positive Makes a lot of difference. Try it.

My first meeting with Negative ( – ) was during maths lecture in my school days. Thanks to my teachers who always instilled negative thoughts in my subconscious, Maths became a dreadful thing for me. Even the basic addition and subtraction used to seem a harrowing task for me. I used to always fail in maths or my maths teachers use to pass me seeing my innocent and stupid face. I attribute my fear of failing responsible for repeated failures. Fear of fear. I always wanted to run far-far away from this subject but it is said that We often meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it, the same happened with me, over the years, it kept chasing me someway or the other and finally even after years of quitting the subject here I am writing a blog on something based on it. Maths geeks please control your emotions, as this is not a maths lecture.

I recently hit upon the phrase “Tackle one negative with ten positives” and tried relating it with maths, luckily a chain of thoughts came into my mind. Let’s consider negative ( – ) as a sword , which is cutting positives ( + ) the moment it is facing them. If positives are greater in number, then negative will take far more time to finish them off. So, more the positives, more will be the time taken to finish them off by the negative (sword). Let’s take this analogy to another level, assume that a negative thought crops into your mind, what will you do? If you lack strong will power, then soon that negative thought will capture your subconscious, and within no time you will be a person with a corrupt brain ( P.S Only our politicians aren’t corrupt, there are other things, which are corrupt too ). So, it is necessary to tackle the negative thought, the moment it arises into your mind. What do you think about pushing in ten positive thoughts into mind, the moment there is interference of the negative thought in the tranquility of our Garden-like-mind? Interesting isn’t it?

The moment you instill positive thoughts into your mind, the battle between so-called positive and negative thoughts starts, which gives you ample amount of time to do the task in hand. Let me make it clearer for you. For instance, you go for jog daily but one fine day, your mind says ” Hey, I go for jog daily, so it would not make any difference, if I skip the jog today”. This is a negative thought, which entered in your mind early in the morning, which can happen to anyone, now if you just become the slave of your mind rather than its master, you will end up skipping a day’s jog and give break to the daily routine. What you can do here?  The moment the negative thought of not going to jog comes into your mind, push ten positive reasons or thoughts into your mind, why you must go for jog. If you don’t like the number ten, never mind, there are other numbers too, just keep giving reasons for going to jog. Now your mind, which is having one negative and ten ( or whatever number) positive thought, will be busy in tackling them and in mean time you will be there on the ground in your shorts, ready for yet another day’s jog. This is applicable to various aspects of our life, all you need to do is relate them to this instance. Don’t give in to a negative thought, instead try tackling it with positive thoughts. Negative energy always seems to be stronger than positive energy but when positive energy is in abundance, then negative energy feels helpless. Willie Nelson rightly said ” Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results, engrave this thought in your mind and tackle the negative thoughts, which act as obnoxious weeds and try demolishing the tranquility and greenery of your garden on the top of your body.


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