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Today I had a Chat with Martin Luther King

I am sure, you would have been baffled while you read the title of this post. This is not a lie.I actually had a one-on-one chat with this Great Personality but it was all in mind. I have read a lot about visualization and its benefits, so thought of giving it a try few days back and after regular practice I have started understanding the art of visualization. So, let me share, how I met this great personality first time in my life.

I visualized sitting in a meeting room with a round table. After sometime, I noticed Oprah Winfrey entering into the room, and then followed, one of the greatest personalities of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein. Soon the room was full with many great personalities such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Martin Luther King. I noticed that when Sir Martin entered in the room, everyone stood up from their seats to show their respect for him. Without wasting time, I asked Martin Luther King, Sir, How do you think can I have happiness in my life. Listening to this question, all the guests present in the room started laughing. I, at that point was feeling ashamed of myself but Sir Martin realizing I was feeling bad stopped laughing and said ” Son, You are having a wrong notion about Happiness.Actually, Happiness is not a thing to be possessed or an activity to be performed. It’s just a state of mind. It’s your choice to be happy or not. No one in this world has the might to snatch away your happiness or stop you from being happy. All this while, as I was hearing his words, I was getting a feeling that this is the true meaning of happiness. It’s our choice to be happy. ….

Ok. So let’s move on. I am a great fan of Steve Jobs. I threw second question towards Steve. I asked him, What is your secret of earning money, loads of money? What is one special thing you do to train your mind to earn money? He didn’t reply. All he said was that I don’t share my secrets. Listening to this Bill Gates, who was sitting by his side laughed Shrewdly. I didn’t want an argument, so simply avoided his laughter. My last question was to Warren Buffet. I asked him, why am I am not able to earn money? He shot back by saying, “Because you keep wondering “Why am I am not able to earn money”. I got his logic, here, he was trying to present the idea of Law of Attraction. I asked, so what to do in order to make money. Yet again, he replied precisely, ” Stop running behind money and make it run behind you. Just choose a thing you like and direct all your energy towards it. Stick to it, until you master the art. Then Money will be your slave.”

My meeting with these great personalities ended by this answer. They wanted to leave. I was feeling blessed and when I opened my eyes, 30 minutes had already passed and my head seemed heavier.

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