Our Tryst to Pursue & Taming Happiness

13 Nov

Do you know the reason behind usage of the term “Pursuit to Happiness”? Because we have to continuously pursue happiness. We can never have a perennial source of happiness. We have to wake up everyday to work our ass off, so that we can reach closer and closer to few happy moments or things that might lead us to the Pandora box where Happiness comfortably rests. Basically, we have some predefined notions about happiness and methods to derive it, which might be incomplete or flawed.  Depending upon experiences & presumptions, we create personalized sources through which happiness can be achieved. Let’s accept a fact: Each one of us pursues happiness in our own way because its source tends to vary. Some people derive happiness from a relatively trivial thing (in the opinion of others), while there are others individuals who might be happy after they are the richest person in their society. 

“Can happiness be tamed?” “Are their levels for happiness and if there are levels, then how do we exactly know how happy we are in a particular situation?” “Can we manipulate our feelings to derive happiness?” These questions started hovering over my head during my early graduation days. Sadly, they did more harm than good. I was left muddled about the theory of happiness for many years to come. The more I read about happiness from random sources, the farther I went from achieving a happy state of mind. There were days when I wasn’t sure whether I was happy or my reaction in a particular situation was just a farcical reaction by my subconscious to please others. 
Dale Carnegie, the legendary writer & motivational speaker, made a famous statement on happiness, “Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think.” Last year, I happened to read some works of Dale Carnegie who has written a lot about using our thoughts to be happy. Interesting. His works opened the floodgates of my mind and I actually started believing that using this technique happiness can be tamed. You can be happy whenever you want to. It’s just that you’ve to think that you’re happy. Isn’t that so simple? But, if it’s that so simple, then why are many people across the world unhappy. We will talk about this question and a few more grave ones in my next blog that would be here soon. 
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