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Start Visualizing and Change your Life


Visualization is an art, which each one of us needs to try out in our day-to-day life. I am certain that it can unearthen our hidden self. The best part of visualization is that we can keep visualizing as far as our creativity goes.

I am a strong believer that by proper use of visualization we can enter in the past or future, in different situations, and alter our state of mind. The mindset of an individual can bring about changes in his attitude and behaviour, so visualization definitely can play vital role to carve our personality and thought process.¬†For instance, you want to go in a depressed state, in that case you can simply start visualizing some of the worst moments of your life and assume being present there at the moment. If you are able to successfully take your mind there and feel that moment, then you would notice a change in your mood, after sometime you would start becoming sad and as you keep visualizing, you would enter in a state of depression. { PS. I don’t want you to start practicing for entering into a state of Depression, this is just an example :P}. The same goes other way round. For instance, you are depressed, the best way to get out of it, is to start visualizing one of the best moments of your life, maybe start thinking when you were eternally happy. Try entering in that moment, try being present there and you will start feeling better. The deeper you go, the longer and sustained benefit you would be able to avail.

Bloggers, entrepreneurs and writers are people having many many dreams in their grey matter. They can use visualization to fulfill those dreams. And why only these people, any lay man can use this art for accomplishing their goals. You want something, Start visualizing about it. You would get thousands of ideas to accomplish or attain it. You would have read about this, so my post is a gentle reminder that it is possible to fulfill your dreams through this art. And for God sake don’t think you can’t do it or it’s boring or it’s not my cup of tea. There was a time when walking wasn’t your cup of tea and your mom or dad used to hold iyour n their arms to take you one place to another. If at that point of time, you said to yourself, ” hey walking is so boring and I can’t do it, then just wonder today you would be using wheel chairs. So, my dear friends, when you are aware about something, make use of the knowledge to the fullest because there are many millions of people across the world who are ignorant and spend endless hours, craving to accomplish their dreams but all goes in vain. Through visualization you can enter into that moment when you would have fulfilled your goal or dream. Feel the happiness, feel the moment and then finally enjoy the journey towards the attainment of your goal.

Take this as a joke or take it seriously; please will be all mine.

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