Tackle One Negative with Ten Positives

25 Dec

Staying Positive Makes a lot of difference. Try it.

My first meeting with Negative ( – ) was during maths lecture in my school days. Thanks to my teachers who always instilled negative thoughts in my subconscious, Maths became a dreadful thing for me. Even the basic addition and subtraction used to seem a harrowing task for me. I used to always fail in maths or my maths teachers use to pass me seeing my innocent and stupid face. I attribute my fear of failing responsible for repeated failures. Fear of fear. I always wanted to run far-far away from this subject but it is said that We often meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it, the same happened with me, over the years, it kept chasing me someway or the other and finally even after years of quitting the subject here I am writing a blog on something based on it. Maths geeks please control your emotions, as this is not a maths lecture.

I recently hit upon the phrase “Tackle one negative with ten positives” and tried relating it with maths, luckily a chain of thoughts came into my mind. Let’s consider negative ( – ) as a sword , which is cutting positives ( + ) the moment it is facing them. If positives are greater in number, then negative will take far more time to finish them off. So, more the positives, more will be the time taken to finish them off by the negative (sword). Let’s take this analogy to another level, assume that a negative thought crops into your mind, what will you do? If you lack strong will power, then soon that negative thought will capture your subconscious, and within no time you will be a person with a corrupt brain ( P.S Only our politicians aren’t corrupt, there are other things, which are corrupt too ). So, it is necessary to tackle the negative thought, the moment it arises into your mind. What do you think about pushing in ten positive thoughts into mind, the moment there is interference of the negative thought in the tranquility of our Garden-like-mind? Interesting isn’t it?

The moment you instill positive thoughts into your mind, the battle between so-called positive and negative thoughts starts, which gives you ample amount of time to do the task in hand. Let me make it clearer for you. For instance, you go for jog daily but one fine day, your mind says ” Hey, I go for jog daily, so it would not make any difference, if I skip the jog today”. This is a negative thought, which entered in your mind early in the morning, which can happen to anyone, now if you just become the slave of your mind rather than its master, you will end up skipping a day’s jog and give break to the daily routine. What you can do here?  The moment the negative thought of not going to jog comes into your mind, push ten positive reasons or thoughts into your mind, why you must go for jog. If you don’t like the number ten, never mind, there are other numbers too, just keep giving reasons for going to jog. Now your mind, which is having one negative and ten ( or whatever number) positive thought, will be busy in tackling them and in mean time you will be there on the ground in your shorts, ready for yet another day’s jog. This is applicable to various aspects of our life, all you need to do is relate them to this instance. Don’t give in to a negative thought, instead try tackling it with positive thoughts. Negative energy always seems to be stronger than positive energy but when positive energy is in abundance, then negative energy feels helpless. Willie Nelson rightly said ” Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results, engrave this thought in your mind and tackle the negative thoughts, which act as obnoxious weeds and try demolishing the tranquility and greenery of your garden on the top of your body.


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4 responses to “Tackle One Negative with Ten Positives

  1. Dinesh Jaganathan

    December 25, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    A very nice way to describe the simple concept “STAY POSITIVE”. You have bought in a harmful topic MATH and connected it in a thoughtful manner. Nice use of words and as always you indicate the deep thinker that you are and prove that only writers can put up an intense thought into simpler words and even the other way round. Good one.

    • thepeerless

      December 25, 2011 at 10:36 pm

      Thanks buddy, you have been there in my journey of becoming a writer and it feels overwhelming to receive such a nice comment from a fellow writer.I will try improving in the coming blogs. 🙂

  2. thepeerless

    December 26, 2011 at 7:04 am

    Thanks Priyanka. Next time, I will try giving fairly easier examples. I have been writing SEO articles for quite some time now, so I wanted to try this field too, as new things are always fun to do.

  3. seema kumari ladsaria

    December 26, 2011 at 7:16 am

    yes, true its all about law of attraction. one negative thought can bring in many related negative thoughts. 🙂


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