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The 50-25-25 Rule

Day in-Day-Out I happen to come across people who are mad about success. Accomplishing certain goals is one of the most important aspects of their lives. Their entire life energy is directed towards accomplishing these goals. Some people are so mad about success that they even day-dream about making-big in their life. They visualize and try to live in the future, which is yet to be seen. It’s ironical to see such people go insane about success because the goal or success or the so-called destination is in-fact an insignificant place to be, and the “present” they are missing during their quest for success is invaluable.

Those who tend to hate their present because they want a better future are never able to understand the true value of their success or achievement. Because when they finally reach at the destination, everything seems meaningless. The sense of satisfaction gives them a miss, and the only thing that embraces them is a sense of relief that finally the journey was over, because for them the journey was a painful experience. For the people, who live in a belief that success or the achievement of a particular goal is everything in their life; have to pay for it badly. Because when they finally attain their goals or reach their desired destination, there is sense of void or emptiness. They are not able to understand and decide an important and pertinent question, what’s next.

I live in India, and since I happened to be born in a middle class family, I am accustomed to traveling in trains. Normally it takes couple of days for us to reach our native place. Since we go there after 3-4 years, so there are lots of expectations, the happiness is extreme. However, over the years I have realized that if our train journey goes bad, then while we reach our native place, next few days are spent cribbing out bad facilities, bad services and what not. This is all because “we didn’t enjoy our train journey well, which was in fact our present”.

There is minimal happiness at the top, if you haven’t learnt to enjoy the journey or your efforts and hard work for success. The moments, good or bad, you spend while on your quest to achieve success or your goal are the ones which would be relished by you, years later, when everything else will be forgotten. If you spend your time cribbing about the journey, then many years later, you will spend your days only cursing yourself about spending your days for the task, even if you would had achieved the goal.

If you have even driven a car, then you would have noticed that handling the steering properly holds great importance for driving the car properly. Let’s present an analogy here. The car being our life, where the steering and the equipments to drive the car safely are together the “Present”, the vehicles behind us is our past, and lastly the vehicles front of us is our future. Here in order to reach to a given destination, the most important aspect is different things in the car, which helps to handle it and move ahead. These things require major attention, so you get my point, when I say valuing present is important. This is one of the reasons I request everyone to give 50 % of their overall concentration to the present. Secondly, the vehicles behind us symbolize our past and it is a well-known fact that those who don’t learn from their past haven’t learnt anything in their entire lifetime. Our past needs 25 % of our overall concentration. Lastly, the vehicles ahead of our car and the road are our future. We have to keep a look at them because by neglecting these things we are also reducing our chances to reach to our destination. Therefore, our future needs to also get 25 % of our over concentration. This is the best method of living life, and the same time enjoying to the fullest potential. It’s like squeezing the mango such that we are able to enjoy its taste completely. So, when are you planning to start following 50-25-25 formula?

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