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“Constable injured during Gangrape protest at India Gate dies.”


I don’t give a damn how many people go against me or troll me but I sincerely feel that dispersion of crowd in Delhi was done for the welfare of people. I condone what was done to the girl and those bastards must get severest punishments possible. But, what happened between police and public was also unfortunate. Police officials are part of our country and they don’t get happiness after beating up their own countrymen. Many members of my family have been in police and I am telling this from their personal experiences.

Following are some of the reasons police had to disperse crowd:

1) Uncontrollable Crowd: The Crowd for the initial few days was calm and performing silent protest, but as and when political parties sent their protesters, things changed dramatically. There were boys and girls were arguing and fighting with Police. My Mama is in Delhi police and his colleagues are injured. As a matter of fact, more police officials are injured than the protesters. You can check it.

2) Rowdy Elements: Everyone is by now aware that there were groups of rowdies who were part of the protest. There is an old saying, “One Dirty fish contaminates the pond.” This was proved right during the protest. Due to these rowdies, all the protesters were targeted. Now the innocent fellas are thinking that Delhi Police were wrong when they dispersed them, but if we see the bigger picture, then we would get a better idea.

3) Politics Involved: We’re all aware of the fact that politics can get damn murkier. When we start believing everything is fine, then politicians emerge into the picture and corrupt the entire stuff with their mere presence. The protests during the initial days after the rape incident took place were calm and composed, but as and when politicians stepped in, things started to deteriorate.

Some anti-national elements are always looking for such opportunities to bring imbalance in our country. Their main motto is to de-stabilize the government and bring chaos in our country. As the government collapses, the rupee’s value and market crumbles. This further deteriorates the situation and after a point of time, when situation is completely out of control, then President’s Rule is forced upon the people. This is what some anti-social elements want.

What has happened is wrong and should not have happened in the first place, but we have to see both the sides of coin. There are people out there telling that the police official deserved to die. And, I ask why did he deserve to die? Those telling innocent protesters were falsely targeted must re-consider their view.

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