Never let the hope die

ImageWe all feel low at one point or the other, there’s no hidden fact in this. Some of us feel low because of family problems or relationsips while others have sleepless nights due to financial problems. However, as a chess player myself, after years of practice, I have realized that there is no problem in this world, which can’t be solved. Believe me, if you are struck in some problem, it can be any damn problem, you would get out of it because there’s has to be a solution. That’s the Law says. All you need to have is ” Hope”. You need to have faith in almighty that justice is always done, sometimes early, sometimes late but it’s done. Hope is free, no damn person in this world can take it away from you. Have it in abundance always because it is the hope, which led our ancestors to strive hard for our freedom. It is this hope, due to which man reached to moon and it is this hope we live on Earth. Hope is everything my friends. Whenever you are low, just keep saying yourself, “No matter what, I am destined to carve out a way to get rid of this problem”. Hope is the driving factor in our life. Never let it go away from you.

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Kab tak in Aansuwon ko tum Bahaogey

Ek din humne apni behte hue aansuon se puncha
Kyun behte ho tum, kyun rukte nahi ho tum
Wo hasna Chahte the lekin achanak ruk se gaye
Shayad Gum ka bojh un par phir se bhari padh gaya
Wo dabi hui aawaaz mein mujhe bolein
Dil mein tumhare bahut gum hai
Un gamoen ke samne hum toh bahut hi kam hain

Tum Duniya se apne dard chupate ho
Samay Samay par hamein tum pi Jatein ho
Mann Tumhara hamesha Rota hain
Aur tum phir humse puchte ho aisa kyun hota hain

Hum toh kabhi kabhi tham jate hain..
Tumhe hum ehsaas dialate hain ki hum bhi thak gaye hain
Magar tumhara dil bas rota hi rehta hai
Jane kitne janmo ka dard liye rehta hain

Hum toh Aansu hain, hamara kaam hai behna
Gum ko apne Ukhad pheko maan lo hamara ye kehna
Dukh to bahut hoga aur Dukh saath apne dard layega
Magar ab na ruko tum, kyonki ab inhe nikal na paye toh
Iss daldal se tumhe koi nikaal nahi payega….


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Jhuthe Pyaar Se Accha Sachi Nafrat hi kar li hoti Tumne

Is tutey dil ko kaise jodein hum

Jab nafrat hi karni thi toh pyaar kyun kiya

Jab zulm hi dhane the toh aitbaar kyun kiya

Keh diya hota Usi samay humase

Ke nahi hai mohabbat Hamein tumse……….


Jab dil hi nahi tha dene ke liye

Toh tumhe fursat mili kaise pyaar ke liye

Jhuthe pyaar se accha Sachi Nafrat hi kar li hoti tumne

Dil mein tumhare kitni Nafrat hai dikha di hoti tumne


Bus itna Keh diya hota tumne mujhe……

Pyaar koi khel nahi aur hum dono ka koi mail nahi

Hum apne dil ko pathar bana lete

Kisi tarah usey behla fusla kar mana lete……..

Chot jab ab abhi lagi hai toh Zakhm bhi rehengey

Dard hua hai toh aansu bhi bahengey

Aur jaise-2 yeh Khoon ke aanshu beh rehein hai

waise-2 mere dil ke armaan simat rahein hai……


Magar ye mat sochna ki hum bhi tumse nafrat karengey

kyonki Jabtak jiyengey tumse bas pyaar hi karengey

Khoon ke aansu toh bahana aa gaya hai hamein

Ab bas tumhare bina kaise jeena hai yeh Seekhna hai hamein………………


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Tackle One Negative with Ten Positives

Staying Positive Makes a lot of difference. Try it.

My first meeting with Negative ( – ) was during maths lecture in my school days. Thanks to my teachers who always instilled negative thoughts in my subconscious, Maths became a dreadful thing for me. Even the basic addition and subtraction used to seem a harrowing task for me. I used to always fail in maths or my maths teachers use to pass me seeing my innocent and stupid face. I attribute my fear of failing responsible for repeated failures. Fear of fear. I always wanted to run far-far away from this subject but it is said that We often meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it, the same happened with me, over the years, it kept chasing me someway or the other and finally even after years of quitting the subject here I am writing a blog on something based on it. Maths geeks please control your emotions, as this is not a maths lecture.

I recently hit upon the phrase “Tackle one negative with ten positives” and tried relating it with maths, luckily a chain of thoughts came into my mind. Let’s consider negative ( – ) as a sword , which is cutting positives ( + ) the moment it is facing them. If positives are greater in number, then negative will take far more time to finish them off. So, more the positives, more will be the time taken to finish them off by the negative (sword). Let’s take this analogy to another level, assume that a negative thought crops into your mind, what will you do? If you lack strong will power, then soon that negative thought will capture your subconscious, and within no time you will be a person with a corrupt brain ( P.S Only our politicians aren’t corrupt, there are other things, which are corrupt too ). So, it is necessary to tackle the negative thought, the moment it arises into your mind. What do you think about pushing in ten positive thoughts into mind, the moment there is interference of the negative thought in the tranquility of our Garden-like-mind? Interesting isn’t it?

The moment you instill positive thoughts into your mind, the battle between so-called positive and negative thoughts starts, which gives you ample amount of time to do the task in hand. Let me make it clearer for you. For instance, you go for jog daily but one fine day, your mind says ” Hey, I go for jog daily, so it would not make any difference, if I skip the jog today”. This is a negative thought, which entered in your mind early in the morning, which can happen to anyone, now if you just become the slave of your mind rather than its master, you will end up skipping a day’s jog and give break to the daily routine. What you can do here?  The moment the negative thought of not going to jog comes into your mind, push ten positive reasons or thoughts into your mind, why you must go for jog. If you don’t like the number ten, never mind, there are other numbers too, just keep giving reasons for going to jog. Now your mind, which is having one negative and ten ( or whatever number) positive thought, will be busy in tackling them and in mean time you will be there on the ground in your shorts, ready for yet another day’s jog. This is applicable to various aspects of our life, all you need to do is relate them to this instance. Don’t give in to a negative thought, instead try tackling it with positive thoughts. Negative energy always seems to be stronger than positive energy but when positive energy is in abundance, then negative energy feels helpless. Willie Nelson rightly said ” Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results, engrave this thought in your mind and tackle the negative thoughts, which act as obnoxious weeds and try demolishing the tranquility and greenery of your garden on the top of your body.


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Adhuri baatein aur Chupe Raaz

Kuch batein thi jo ankahi si reh gayi

kuch raaz the jo kabhi khul hi na sake

unhone bas ruth kar alvida keh diya

na jaane unhone hamare saath aisa kyun kiya……


Unka yun ruthna aur bin bole chale jana

pata nahi kaise saheja ye diwana

unki hansi mein zindagi thi jiski

Dil se nikaal phenke unko kya mazaal uski……..

Is aas mein woh baitha raha

ki ek din woh aayegi aur use gale se lagayegi

aansu woh bahata raha is ummed mein,

ki ek din woh aayegi aur uski dil ki aarzu ban jayegi……


Ab sochta hun,

Kuch aise lafz aayein zuba par hamare

dil ko jaise chu jaye tumhare

kar de puri baat jo reh gayi thi adhuri.

khol de raaz jinka khulna hai zaroori…..

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The Obnoxious Confidence

The bulging confidence

I have always been one of those guys who got everything on the right time and at the right place. There was never “NO” in my life and may be I can thank my luck for that.  If I seriously thought of something, take the word into notice, ” seriously” yes, if I took things seriously, then the entire Universe used to conspire for supporting me. My childhood had a cluster of dreams, dreams  of doing something great. Thanks to my Dad who always motivated, and is still motivating me to do something, which makes him a proud father. There was always a river of optimism flowing into my brain, which closed doors for “NO”  and pessimistic thoughts. I always perceived that anything is possible, if I put “serious” efforts for achieving it. There is a very thin line between confidence and over-confidence. As years passed by, the optimistic thoughts in my sub-conscious transformed me into an over-confident guy.  I started feeling the change in my thought-process and character. Even before I knew, I was reckless because the level of  my over-confidence always kept on scaling new heights.  It’s not that I did not realize the change within, but my over-confidence was too mighty to be tackled, so it eventually succeeded in  conquering my mind as I kept on faltering.

Imagine, you are falling from a mountain, in that case you have not much to do apart from hoping desperately that some heavenly power comes and saves you from falling. This was my condition. Finally, I reached an all time low, where people have very few options to do apart from suicide. I chose to live and give “life” a second chance. Things changed from thereon, I was now hearing “NO” quite often and my optimistic thoughts were a thing past. It is said that one virus is enough to corrupt the entire system.  Something similar happened to me, as it all started with few random thoughts, which eventually forced me to raise questions on my very existence. Though I was going through a turmoil but I was still puddled, pondering why it’s happening to me because I was  never a bad guy  who harassed girls, smoked or drunk  alcohol, then why me.  But somewhere down the line my greatest weakness came to my rescue whenever I was dealing with worst situations. My habit of not taking things seriously always acted as a messiah for me.

I went through innumerable forgettable  situations but I just laughed them off and forgot about them within a day or two. It had its share of advantages and disadvantages but when everything around  you is negative, you tend to search for that one positive thing which can help you sail to the coast and thereby save you from the clutches of the deadly sea.  I don’t know the exact reason for this but I never tried to correct my follies may be because I was too busy trying to get out of the quagmire or I thought it to be minuscule thing to deal with.  Things moved on, so did I. With changing times, I was successfully able to come out of the quagmire. I was back to my cheerful self, ready to flaunt my stupid smile without any reason. Good times knocked my door and I grabbed them with open hands. It is the human tendency to forget bad times when there is onset of good times. The same happened with me. I was too quick to forget my past,thanks to my habit of not taking things seriously. But, here I noticed a twist in my life. The over-confidence, which I had thought to have died out of hunger during my bad times rose up even strongly. It was an obnoxious thing, which I wanted to get rid of but it kept hounding for me. Now I am going through the best phase of my life but it is still obnoxiously following me. Pushing me back towards an even deeper ditch, from where rising up would be even tougher but I have learnt to rise up after falling so failure does not scare me anymore. What still gives me sleepless nights is my over-confidence. Hope someday, someway, somewhere I somehow dismantle and then crush it.



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Phir Se Udegi Patang Hamari

Udati hue patango ko dekha karte the hum,

Un patango ki unchai se unche sapane sajaya karte the hum.

Dil mein hamane kai khwaab jagaye the

Unko haasil kar lengey aisey lakhsya banaye the

Lekin Patang hamari kat gayi hai,

Udaan hamari jaise tham si gayi hai.

Na Jane hamare khwaab hamase kyon ruth gaye hain

Woh Sapne hamane jo Dekhe the kyon tut gaye hain

Par na jane kyun is pagal mann ko ye haar gawara nahi

Aise girna aur phir haar mann lena Shero ka kaam nahi.

Jo Sapne so gaye hain, ab unhe jagayengey,

Aur Jo Khwaab ruth gaye hain ab unhe manayengey

Ab bas jeetna hai ye toh humane baat than li hai,

kyonki raaj jeetney ka ab hamane jaan li hai

Tum bhi kyon mujhe aise dekh rahe ho

mere sapne kaha gaye aise kyon soch rahe ho!!!!


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