Can we ever get a chance to live a peaceful and safe life?

18 Jul

Why we feel crippled after every blast?

Yet again, there was a bomb blast in Mumbai. An attack on our sovereignty. A slap to our politicians, who bragged after 26/11 ” We have learnt lessons from this attack , we will not let anyone attack our land. They came from nowhere, made a plan, and butchered our families and we would not be able to even know who they are for days to come or probably we would never know who they were. Two days down the line, police would be nabbing some people and presenting front of us just to calm down our anger. At times, I feel really helpless seeing my country, someone loot my nation, someone else kills hundreds of my brethren and when all options finish, then someone else comes and tries dividing us on the basis of religion.

 I am not a hopeless creature but when things seem beyond your control and all you can do is just post something regarding this on your Facebook account and if you are having some gaalis in your kitty, then abuse those people who were behind the bomb blast, then what would be your state of mind. Yesterday’s Mumbai bomb blast just reminds me of one line from the movie ” A Wednesday” where Naseeruddin shah says “” bhai hum toh tumhe mareengey jo karna hai karo…. these human butchers come and keep killing us and we thank our luck saying ” Thank God I was not there in that Local or i left that place a bit early. Now, we are not living on the God’s grace but on the sympathy of these insane and soulless creatures. Those who doubt this, is living in the fool’s paradise. I am not creating a negative atmosphere but just presenting the truth, which keeps surfacing time and again through these bomb blasts.

This is pathetic state of affairs, India as an Independent state is not able to send a strong message to the world, to the terrorists making dangerous plans in their hideouts and many more that we will not tolerate attacks on our land. We are not able to tell them that if someone attacks us then we will give them a fitting reply. Instead what we showcase is how sympathetic we are towards cold-blooded criminals and terrorists. First of all, rarely does our police nabs the true culprits behind such attacks and if at all they nab, then comes into play the The great INDIAN JUDICIARY, which is so slow that even a tortoise can give it a run for its money. I am not insulting our Judiciary but just saying how slow it is in dealing cases, which concern lives and deaths of hundreds of people. Why can’t we just hang Afzal guru and Ajmal Kasab and close their case once for all. Once the decision has been passed that they are culprits and they must be hanged, why do they get the right to appeal for mercy from president and Supreme court. Let me make it clear, many people would argue on this point but these people are inhuman, so we must not give them the rights of normal humans. 

I don’t really understand that what can I do to live a peaceful life. I wish I could have one more right in our constitution ” RIGHT TO LIVE PEACEFULLY”. Just tell me people, what can I do to live a peaceful life, where i am not in the constant of fear- A fear of someone killing me, someone insulting women of my family, someone looting me, someone misguiding me on the name of caste and religion……And you will say who am I then I will tell the dialogue from ”A Wednesday”   “I am that person who is scared to travel in a bus. I am that person who either gets trapped in rain or in a blast. I am that person who used to doubt others just by looking at their wrists and i am also that person who is scared to grow beard and wear a cap. I am that person who gives a deep thought to choose a name of his/her shop for trading fearing that my property may get destroyed in a riot.Whoever is involved in a quarrel,its me who is always killed in the end. Just look at a crowd of thousands & select one face. I am that person who is born common, lives his/her life in a common manner and dies just like any other common man. I am just a stupid common man”. God bless All. I wish the almighty gives power to all those who lost their near and dear ones to tackle such testing times. 

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