The Jog that was never to be…..

25 May

As I woke up at the morning, something was amiss. I could feel it but i went ahead with my daily routine. Within next half an hour, I was ready for the morning jog. As I was about to leave for the jog, at one point of time I thought to just give a glance to the clock but I hurriedly avoided it and moved out of the house after latching the gate from outside. Minutes after leaving the house, I was on the middle of the main road, where I jog regularly. A milkman was busy doing what he is best at ” mixing water in the milk”. We both gave each other a rather weird look. I was actually muddled seeing his reaction after he noticed me. I am used to stares but this was a rather odd one.

After completing two rounds of the road, I increased my speed and started running at very fast pace. Every step brought lots of noise but i wasn’t bothered what was happening, as for me the main concern was my speed. Cars and vehicles passing on the road were slowing down just to see me. I could not guess the question marks on their faces, so all I could do was, jog. By this time, it was certain that something was wrong and it had to do with me. Stupidity has no limits and I am always determined to prove it right. Despite all these happenings I did not even think once why that milkman was staring me or why people passing from the road slowed down their vehicles. I changed the location and began running on a different road, which was rather new to me. Tired of jogging, I sat on the divider and just waited for the sun rise, as I do regularly. After waiting for a while, boredom grappled me, so I decided to rather go home and rest than sit on the divider.

I reached home in probably ten minutes and rung the bell twice, my routine. Mother opened the gate and seeing her face I could sense sky was about to fall on me, but why? She dragged me into the house and the first thing which she spoke after continuous angry staring  was WHAT I WAS DOING OUT OF THE HOUSE AT 5 AM IN THE MORNING? I did not utter a word, just turned my head towards the clock and to my horror it was 4 am. I rubbed my eyes, I could not believe that i had gone for the jog at 4 am in the morning and came back at 5. What followed was taunts and mockery from the entire family but I underwent all this because I am confident that I will beat this stupidity too…

I am still trying to recover from the shock and analyzing how all this happened.

This is a fictional story, which came to my mind when i woke up today for the jog at the same time but realized that i was too early for the jog and did not go ahead with it.

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